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Dec 26
Dec 26

OPERATION: X-RAY has begun!

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We need your help right away!!
Calling all Media Activists! Help us stop AZ Snowbowel from breaking the law!
(Don't worry if this is your first time, become the media today!)

On Dec. 24th Arizona Snowbowl started to make snow from treated sewage effluent and they are not complying with their city water contract.

We need folks with cameras to get up there right away and photograph and film the entire area to prove this wrongdoing!

Here is what the city contract says:

Provide and install sufficient signage reading "Snow made with Reclaimed Wastewater, do not eat the snow or drink melted snow" or similar warnings. Such signs shall be displayed prominently at each reuse site. Such signs shall be placed at all logical points of entry to each reuse site, at the entrance to all lakes and ponds at each reuse site, at all plumbing outlets and at all hose bibs providing Reclaimed Wastewater.

This means every ski run, every lift, every lodge, and every ticket booth, as well as at online ticket sales operations. It additionally means at all the places where they hook up the PoleCat snowmaking machines to a water supply. We need to film and photograph everything.

Signage is not the only issue. Their contract also quotes the following state laws regarding wastewater:

  • Providing or using Reclaimed Wastewater for direct human consumption
  • Direct reuse for swimming, wind surfing, water skiing, or other full-immersion water activities with a potential for ingestion
  • Application of Reclaimed Wastewater to any area other than an approved reuse site;
  • Allowing runoff of Reclaimed Wastewater or Reclaimed Wastewater mixed with stormwater from a direct reuse site, except for agricultural return flow that is directed onto an adjacent field or returned to an Open Water Conveyance.

ADEQ Law additionally provides this direction:

R18-9-704. General Requirements
F. Irrigating with reclaimed water. A permittee irrigating with reclaimed water shall:
3. Prevent reclaimed water from coming into contact with drinking fountains, water coolers, or eating areas;

Snowbowl wants to hide their dirty water and we can't let them. We need to press the City to cancel the wastewater contract for non-compliance. We need your film footage and photographs to do it!

They started making snow on December 24th and it came out a disgusting yellow color.

Check out the photos of the snow that we got and don't let another day go by with children playing in that stuff! Start filming the area right away!

It would be awesome to get film of the following things:

  1. Anyone at Snowbowl eating snow or getting it in their eyes, nose, mouth, or ears.
  2. People at Snowbowl tracking snow into the lodges and through the eating areas.
  3. Melted snow on tables in the eating area.
  4. People at Snowbowl using the drinking fountains in their ski gear.
  5. The hose bibs that deliver reclaimed wastewater.
  6. The 10,000,000 gallon retention pond.
  7. A sample of water from the retention pond.

Film people while you ask them the following questions:

  1. Ask if they know what the snow is made of.
  2. Ask them if they know what "Reclaimed water" is. (be specific and use quoted term)
  3. Ask them if they know they are not allowed to eat the snow.
  4. Ask if they saw any signs posted or were warned about the water used to make the snow and warned not to eat it before buying lift tickets.

If you would like more information, want to participate, or have video, words, or images to submit: contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Written by zen pathfinder