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Aug 31
Aug 31

Photo Gallery

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In an effort to have less duplicity in workflow we post all of our photo albums on Facebook. You do not need a Facebook account to view my photo albums. Click an album link below to view it. They are public links.

 If you do have facebook, you can navigate to my whole collection there:

Keep scrolling if you lack a Facebook account (good for you :)



Converge on the Peaks - Summer 2011

This is our big outreach album that collects all the best images from the Become the Media Campaign.


Convergence on the Peaks - Summer 2011

Lorena Caballero spent a lot of time on the Peaks this summer taking pictures. Some of them should win awards for telling the story so well!


Snowbowl Summer 2011

Dawn Dyer has done a comprehensive photo documentation of the work done at Snowbowl this summer, as well as taken some striking pictures and videos at events!


Before the Destruction - 2005 in Humphrey's Pod

Rudy Preston and Carly Long of the Flagstaff Activist Network documented Humphrey's Pod and Aspen Alley in 2005, long before summer 2011 Clear-cuts.


Aerial Photos of the 2011 Clear-Cuts

John Running took aerial photos of the destruction on the Peaks


Converge on the Peaks Outreach Posters

Editable and Printable Posters with links to download high resolution files.


Sacred Prayer Circle Postcards

Printable Postcards with links to download high resolution files.

Written by Nuvatuqui Ovi