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Mar 26
Mar 26

The war on our spirit

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Every day when we wake up, we look to the mountain to see her condition.
Some days the wind blows mightly atop her brow,
others she appears stoic in the unbroken sea of blue
She is a reflection of our condition.

Lately, my body has grown increasing cramped and congested,
no rain
no icy crystal breeze
no winter.
The pain in my body is great and I can't help but wonder if she feels the same.

Last weekend was a relief to finally see her covered with the fresh snow,
though hardly,
as i know her health is compromised
by the sickness we bear
-hundreds of years of greed-
and now
the acuteness of parasitic attack to her body.

The toxin is already in our bodies.
There is no pill to remove it.

We have a health to restore,
and it will take all in order to heal all.
It will take:
creative experimentation
communal support
adaptiveness to changes
understanding of others strengths and limitations
focus through frustration

Everyday we can do something for the mountain,
a prayer, a statement, an action
There is no need to wait for someone to tell you how,
your heart will guide you.

Written by Pink Bicycle