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Oct 14
Oct 14

Our Apologies to Nuvatuqui'ovi and her peoples and a call to stay United!

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PRESS RELEASE | 10-14-2011

TrueSnow.org would like to see all peoples come together to protect the Sacred Mountain in all her names!

Recently it has come to our attention that our Facebook page was causing discomfort in some people's hearts. This was never the intention of the page. We started the page to create a public posting place for all news related to the Mountain. Anyone on Facebook can post and comment on the Wall of the page and it is encouraged that people participate.

Rudy Preston, the Facebook page originator said, "for me it felt natural and good to name the page her oldest name. It also was the only native language where the characters and letters needed to spell her name were not ironically deemed 'illegal' by facebook's automated system."

They additionally rejected names such as sacred mountain, which was TrueSnow.org's first choice. Though, when it accepted Nuvatukya Ovi as the name it still disappeared the apostrophe (') of the more traditional spelling: Nuvatukya'ovi. I was later corrected by a Hopi friend that it would be more proper if I spelled it: Nuvatuqui'ovi, which was only partially possible as: Nuvatuqui Ovi.

We at TrueSnow.org would like to offer our most sincere apologies for anyone who thought we were trying to misappropriate or impersonate the Mountain. We have spent the last decade in dialogue with the City of Flagstaff, US Forest Service, The USDA, the ADEQ, and we were litigants in the case that went to the Supreme Court's steps from 2005-2009. We have also put our bodies in the way when they started the destruction and desecration and stand by that decision. We will continue to defend the Sacred! And just as fiercely we will defend the health and welfare of not just our own children, but the seventh generation as well.

In an effort to be sure that no one is offended and nobody feels discluded from participating in defending the Peaks from it's current destruction we sat for two hours trying to find a combination of words that Facebook's automated filter would accept and still be for the Mountain. TrueSnow.org will no longer use the name Nuvatukya Ovi or Nuvatuqui Ovi on Facebook. We have renamed the page SacredMountain Defenders.

TrueSnow.org urges all Indigenous peoples and the citizens of Arizona to stand together in unity and become Sacred Mountain Defenders, because that is what is important right now. What would any of us do without our Sacred Mountain?



Rudy Preston

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Written by Rudy Preston