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Oct 03
Oct 03

#occupyflagstaff and #decolonizeAmerica

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#occupyflagstaff Events -- City Hall Protest Oct 6 -- March on Flagstaff Oct 8



In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests occurring in New York since September 17th, there will be a peaceful protest and march here in Flagstaff on October 6th and October 8th at City Hall. These events are being organized around the country to protest the lack of culpability and responsibility by Wall Street and our nation's major banks for the current recession, the housing market crash, corporate greed and also the failure of our political representation to hold our largest companies and banks accountable. This movement is completely grass-roots and has been gaining steam since beginning on 9/17, despite the lack of recognition by most mainstream media news sources, and will continue indefinitely until it is felt that these issues receive the attention and action that they truly deserve. This is a protest and also a community event begins at City Hall, so please bring whatever protest materials you can imagine (signs, banners, information, instruments, drums, etc.) you may like so that we can show our solidarity with this movement while still bringing a positive message of positive change and unity as a community.

This initial protest is to inform the general public of the importance of the protests occurring in NYC and across the world as well as help with recruitment for the second round of protest on October 8th at 12p.

Written by zen pathfinder