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Sep 09
Sep 09

Hopi Complaint Document - August 19, 2011

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“The health and safety of the Hopi people is indistinguishable from the health and safety of the environment -- protection of the environment on the San Francisco Peaks is central to the Tribe’s existence."

- Hopi Tribe Chairman Leroy Shingoitewa

 Here is a link to download a pdf of the Complaint the Hopi filed on August 19, 2011

The lawsuit states that the City’s contract to sell 1.5 million gallons of reclaimed wastewater per day to Snowbowl is illegal because it violates several Arizona laws that govern the proper use of reclaimed wastewater.

  • Restrictions on limiting human contact with wastewater cannot be met.
  • The San Francisco Peaks has an ecologically unique environment that comprises just 1400 acres at the top of the mountain and contains rare types of habitat and species found nowhere else in the world. Snowbowl occupies 777 acres of that area
  • The illegal contract for the sale and use of reclaimed wastewater at Snowbowl will result in a very large net economic loss for the San Francisco Peaks community.
  • The City’s illegal contract allows wastewater to run off and spray into wilderness areas specifically used by the Hopi Tribe and others, impeding and infringing on the use and enjoyment of these areas by the Hopi Tribe and others.
  • Snowmelt from artificial snow made from reclaimed wastewater will be environmentally harmful because it contains chemicals including endocrine disruptors, which can interfere with natural hormone levels and processes in humans and animals.

Written by zen pathfinder