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Sep 07
Sep 07

The Battle for Aspen Alley

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At any moment AZ Snowbowl's destructive machinery could turn to the family hiking area known as Aspen Alley. The expansion plans for the ski area dictate cutting down all the trees and turning it into a tubing area with 600 tubes and six to eight tube runs. Complete with 400 car parking lot. We should definitely find a way to stop this from happening. A great deal of the clear-cutting has already been done. This area in the photos below is next!


A download of this whole album in a printable format is available here: www.truesnow.org/outreach/peaks-before.zip (76mb) This whole area is slated to be a 400 car parking lot and all the trees off to the right are going to be clearcut to create a six to 8 run tubing area, complete with 5000 sq ft lodge.



Two gigantic trees in Aspen Alley!


Aspen Alley - a great spot to picnic and camp! Over 100 people camped 14 days in this area this summer.



Here is what the Forest Service has to say about the area in their Environmental Impact Statement (Arizona Snowbowl Facilities Improvements Final Environmental Impact Statement Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Description of Alternatives Page 2-7):


Snowplay/Tubing Facility


Snowbowl proposes the development of a managed and professionally designed snowplay/tubing facility at the base area. The snowtubing area would entail dedicating approximately eight acres of terrain in Hart Prairie area to development of six to eight tubing lanes (refer to Figure 2-2). These lanes would be serviced by a combination of four surface lifts. While the surface of the snowtubing area would be graded, construction of the individual lanes would be completed with snow each season (and is dependant upon snowmaking). The snowtubing facility has been designed with a capacity of approximately 600 tubers-at-one-time.

A 400-space parking area (approximately 3.3 acres) would be constructed to service the proposed tubing facility (skiers would be prohibited from parking in this lot). From the parking area, guests would have foot access to a proposed guest service facility adjacent to the tubing area. Constructed and located specifically for snowplaying activities, this 5,000 square foot building would offer food service, restrooms (necessitating construction of an on-site septic system), ticket sales, and a sun deck. A buried 10,000-gallon water storage tank is proposed to be located proximate to the facility containing reclaimed water for use in toilets.



Draw the Line - Protect the Peaks - Protect Public Health No Reclaimed Water Snowmaking for Sledding or Skiing!

Written by Nuvatuqui Ovi