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Sep 06
Sep 06

Eight years of graffiti finally gets noticed!

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[Editors note: It seems people are only up in arms from 8 years of graffitti now because it has been done to a church. But if it is so reprehensible to even spray paint a slogan on a church, which can be painted over, how come it is ok to spray treated sewage effluent on another holy place so people can recreate there? Shouldn't we be at least equally upset? Shouldn't the police be trying to find a way to stop it?]

Flagstaff Police Department  | MEDIA RELEASE | September 6, 2011
Snowbowl Related Criminal Damage | Contact: Lt. Ken Koch (928) 214-2538

286336_267199859965964_100000278551244_1054301_2628138_o Over the course of the Labor Day weekend, Officers of the Flagstaff Police Department took numerous reports of graffiti in locations around La Plaza Viejo (Old Town) and the south-side of Downtown, in what appears to be anti-Snowbowl sentiment. Victims of this damage included Nimarco’s Pizza, the Beaver Street Gallery, Guadalupe Park, Flagstaff Fire Station #1, and two churches. The Harbert Chapel at 424 S. San Francisco and the First Baptist Church, located at 219 S. Elden, were damaged on or about September 2nd and are being investigated as felony criminal damage offenses.

Messages in various colors of spray paint included, “Protect the peaks”, “Save the peaks”, “No poop snow”, “Smash Snowbowl”, and others too vulgar for reprint. The Flagstaff Police Department is requesting the public assistance in this investigation by both reporting any instances of criminal damage or graffiti to police and by sharing any information related to these offenses and those responsible.

Photo’s of the various graffiti messages were taken as evidence and are available for review.

For additional information, please contact Lt. Ken Koch at 928-214-2538.

Written by Lt. Ken Koch