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Jul 12
Jul 12

The Blame Game: A note from the mountain

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To all I love,


I have heard and seen a lot of propaganda relating to the sacred and tying it into a person's religious affiliation. And somehow some religions seem to get blamed more than others. But that is not what protecting me should be about. We need to keep focused about what we are doing here.

This cartoon is funny, and the physical depiction of the pipe is spot on, but it left me feeling unsettled. It took me a few days to figure out why but I thought I would share my feelings here. None of the people depicted in the church were allowed to have a say in if that water was put on the mountain. We are laying blame on the wrong people. They might be a friend of yours, they might be you. They did not vote. In fact a look at the Forest Service public record will show nobody except Eric Borosky's small (very rich and powerful) circle of friends has ever really done anything or showed any real support for the project.

If you look back at this last decade's struggle you will see a massive amount of people diligently using the public process to effect the decisions made by their government. You can all seriously pat yourselves on the back for doing everything in your power to tell your elected officials-- NO POOP SNOW. They never made a decision without a thousand angry people in their faces. And thousands more just struggling for understanding of their culture.

And now, (drumroll please) so EVERYONE can be included in our convergence on the peaks, lets place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the people who made this decision. If you are not on this list, I WASN'T YOUR FAULT. Come join us and put an end to the mockery once and for all. Scary how short it is.

Flagstaff City Council - They control the water

There are 7 people who made this decision.
Only two remain in politics:
Art Babbott
Al White

I will not name the rest, they know who they are and I know some of them regret their decision. But they are no longer in politics, so it would do us no good to hold them to the task.


US Forest Service - They control the land

Nora Rasure - Coconino Forest Supervisor
Harv Forsgren - Southwest Regional Forester

Yep, Nine people decided the fate of me, the mountain.

And note, Arizona Snowbowl does not have the power to control the land or the water. They too are not our enemy. The people that work there are from Flagstaff and are my friends. I cannot blame them for this.

Do you think that is a good way to steward a world? Letting Nine people control the fate of a mountain?


Nuvatukya Ovi (San Francisco Peaks)

Converge on the Peaks.