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Jul 10
Jul 10

Basecamp is only the beginning!

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This just in from off the wire: "we need numbers! That's what, and people to be wise and behave its sooooo important to behave with grace and spiritual behavior... we are just a bunch of hikers and going to eat at the little cabins across the street, etc. there's a little store down the road... no silly behavior.

Editor: Agreed, numbers are sooooooooo important. I have seen unarmed mothers stand shoulder to shoulder and go toe to toe with armed military. The mothers won. We need the mothers to unite now. No experimenting on our young. Me and my brother just love to eat snow, especially while we are skiing. Some of my most vivid memories in my entire life involve intentionally face planting in some fresh powder after a particularly spectacular ride down the side of the peaks and just eating A LOT of snow. Please don't take that away from me. It is my sacred moment, and I will stand strong for the mountain for that moment alone. And that seems a tiny thing compared to the Hopi's entire history of existence since the dawn of time being that kind of moment. #nopoopsnow on #sacredsites.

I have heard Snowbowl monkeyboy JR Murray say the treated sewage is "clean enough to drink." But a sweet angel I know got this quote from Larry Lemke, City of Flagstaff Wastewater Treatment Manager: "Our E-Coli limit states that at least 4 samples out of every seven days have to be non-detect, and that no single sample can exceed 23 CFU. We expect every sample to be non-detect, but occasionally we will see a sample."

I would really hate to ski on the occasional day we get an e Coli filled batch of water up on the peaks. She also passed along a report that showed our A+ wastewater in January had 20 times the legal limit for cyanide. So if there had been poopsnow skiing up there, a skier would definitely have be exposed to what looks to be a pretty high dose of cyanide while skiing.

Get your Affinity Group together now and get ready to protect YOURSELF from the evil that greedy men do. We really are not saving the peaks, the peaks are saving us! We will be the one who gets sick skiing on this water or trying to gather medicines and mushrooms from the mountain. Basecamp is just the beginning. Sowbowl is remote and we better be prepared before we head up there. We need people prepared and self sufficient. Take your power back... make basecamp! It is only the beginning :)