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Jul 07
Jul 07

100 Basecamp Challenge

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@wageslavez has just checked in via the #nopoopsnow hashtag on twitter.com. The second affinity group to head out for the peaks to set up a basecamp as close as they can to the construction or ski area as possible has offered a challenge to those who are ready to defend the peaks from greed and desecration. One week, 100 Affinity groups. Let us know you are out there, one way or another and we will keep posting how many groups are out there.

And the #nopoopsnow hashtag simply cannot be stopped as a communication tool. All you need is twitter and all tweets with that hashtag will post on the left sidebar of this site :-) Anyone with a smartphone is instantly connected together. Make the most of it.

You can also go to http://hashtags.org/nopoopsnow to aggregate them all.**
** this will expose the tweeter's identity, so get a new account if you don't want to expose your affinity group. I have no idea who @wageslavez is and am happy to keep it that way.