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Jul 06
Jul 06

First Base Camp Set

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A group of skiers and snowboarders from Flagstaff have created an Affinity Group calling themselves Skiers Keep it Real had an excellent idea and have chosen a legal campsite up on the peaks to set basecamp. They will use this to bring food and keep track of their group. They are hoping to hear about more groups setting up their base camps too. You can legally camp in the Coconino for up to two weeks in one spot. Be sure to watch for fire restrictions though. We want to save them, not burn them :-)

As more affinity groups form we will post it here and I hope you all can find ways of communicating with each other. Be creative, be unique, be the best of humanity. If you use the hashtag #nopoopsnow in your tweets it will post to the left sidebar of this site, but it will leave personal info off (but it will still be attached to your twitter identity, I'm just not posting that part).

If you use the contact form on this website (identity not necessary) to update your affinity group's status, we will also post that information here.