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Jul 06
Jul 06

Don't Wait for Us...

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If you are waiting for a leader, that was never our style... Nobody is going to tell you to defend your land. And the so called authority is not going to do it for you, in fact they will try to stop you. The lawyers can keep fighting, but you can see it is really up to you now.

The mountain is in the hands of greedy imbeciles and it is up to you, yes you, to decide to put an end to this crap-fest once and for all.

Our so called leaders have dollar signs in their eyes (and apparently shoved in their ears), and the Forest Service will defend the Arizona Snowbowl with guns if necessary. They have pointed their rifles from their mint julip mobiles for doing nothing more than stand there with a sign.

20,000 people wrote letters and spent millions of dollars to try to stop greed from polluting the mountaintop and still they move forward. It will take every one of you now... go to the mountain. Do not leave. Bring tents, bring food. Bring love...

The only way to stop their guns is with all of us together now, acting on behalf of ourselves...Sitting and watching them bury their shit pipe will only reinforce their supremacy over our peaceful town.


For the mountain... do it now!