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Jun 16
Jun 16

Three Messages

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Hi USDOJ, you might watch us but we watch you too. Currently our website is regularly read by the USDOJ, USFS, Coconino County government, the US Navy, and many more. :)

And you don't have to back Snowbowel on this, you could decide that Native Americans having the same rights as the rest of us is really important to you. I mean, you wouldn't want to make Obama sitting on National TV in a Crow Headress look like a fool do you?

A Message to the Public...

People are so upset they are now locking themselves to machinery at the Arizona Snowbowl. We need mediation.

Read More at Brenda Norrel Blogspot. And remember, this is what happens when everyone believes what the Arizona Daily Sun writes in their newspaper. I would like to remind everyone that there are currently two lawsuits against this project that have a chance of success. But nobody writes about it.

A Message to Snowbowl....

You guys are a bunch of idiots. With fake snow or without, you will continue to be rated in the top 5 worst ski areas in the COUNTRY by a jury of your peers. And to your lawyers, do you even know what a whois is? Or did you just leave that out hoping the judge and lawyers would not know what a whois is so you could lie your asses off...

A Message to the 9th Circuit Court....

A whois is a legal record of domain ownership and is used to determine who owns and controls a domain. You can't have a website without one. I noticed the snowbowl has been pumping shit in their law briefs in that they use flimsy evidence to say my domains:
are controlled by Save the Peaks Coalition.

The coalition never has and never will control my property. They are mine. I control them. I put what I want on them. I am not a member of the Save the Peaks Coalition, I didn't even know there was such a thing as membership. I just want to spread the word, not the treated sewage. I suggest you request a record of who owned these domains over the years if you would like to see how full of it the Snowbowl lawyers are. I am sure this is probably making the Save the Peaks lawyers squirm around too, but I am just little old me and can do as I please :-)


PS: My goal was to keep accurate records of all things Save the Peaks related for all to use at savethepeaks.org. Our site used to contain all the public records of the case, but it was recently attacked by hackers and I had to remove all their malware before I can put the data back online. It is just a hobby, so when I have time I will put the data back up there on a secure server so this does not happen again.

PPS: I just recently rescued savethepeaks.com from domain squatters who used it for years to make money off of ads served to people who went to the wrong site. I have not decided what to do with it. Maybe I will donate it to the Save the Peaks Coalition so they can finally post their own media. As of July 24th, 2011 I am still the owner though.

PPPS: I am not Crystal Uchino, though my heart is with her as Japan deals with it's Nuclear Nightmare. Love always.