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Jul 08
Jul 08

Set the trends, don't follow!

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We have officially confirmed the call has now reached six continents in 36 countries. Come on Antartica! We need you to step up too! The offerings of food and support are overwhelming. We are making a call to ask if anyone has a convergence/welcome space? This is just getting going and already people are starting thousand mile journeys to protect the place we are lucky enough to call home. It is time to roll out the welcome wagon, Flagstaff. I would love to be telling people a place to drop off their few pieces of unused camp gear and food supplies and such (cause they don't need it for their basecamp :P ).

Others have spoken of a public basecamp where new arrivals can check in before heading off to set up their affinity camp. If anyone wants to help set this up, contact us and we will point people in your direction. We must be ambassadors now, all walks of life are on their way here let the forest service know we meant NO! They work for us, it is not the other way around.

Finally, I keep getting one big question a lot: What should I do?
well, I am going to turn that back around: What does your heart tell you to do? Do It!

If you want my advice, I would gather your four closest friends and help them SNAP OUT OF IT. The lawyers cannot stop the destruction anymore. DESTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY. No letter will stop it now. Get some camp gear and some food and take a week off. Go up on the mountain and see why it is so special. Don't wait till joining the sit-in is the cool thing to do this weekend. Make it the cool thing to do this weekend. And tell everyone you know to set their basecamp. You do not need a leader to do the right thing. Just do it!

PS: Randy Wilson, eat your heart out. I went worldwide today and I didn't send anyone a press release. Frame this, you A**hole. Your editing of the Flagstaff newspaper has done more to damage this town that all others combined. I hope one of the affinity groups forms just to follow you around with those giant Bruce Babbitt underwear until you leave this town in shame. You really should be ashamed of yourself. For money, really????