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May 18
May 18

Waste Water

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A film by Mari Cleven



Here is a PDF of the Agreement Court Document

KYKOTSMOVI, AZ. - The Hopi Tribe and the United States reached an interim agreement concerning the Tribe's claims that the U.S. Forest Service is violating the Endangered Species Act ("ESA") by allowing snowmaking with reclaimed wastewater at the Arizona Snowbowl.

The United States has agreed: (1) to provide the Hopi Tribe with direct government-to-government consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as the Fish and Wildlife Service reviews the matter, (2) to complete an independent atmospheric modeling analysis of the snowmaking operations, and (3) to implement additional monitoring at the critical habitat of the threatened San Francisco Peaks groundsel, an endangered plant that exists only on the San Francisco Peaks in and around the Arizona Snowbowl special use area.

zen pathfinder
These kids are sitting and playing in sewer water snow with no eye protection
Children playing and skiing in wastewater snow with no protective eyewear. A touch of his face with glove and ingestion occurs.

Snowmaking is Legal, but ADEQ Regs and City Contract do not Permit the use of Treated Sewage Effluent for Skiing

Dec. 26, 2012 (Flagstaff, AZ) - The Arizona Snowbowl started making snow at the ski resort high atop the San Francisco Peaks on Dec. 24, 2012 and they got quite a suprise in the morning to find out it was bright yellow. Today they received another suprise when it was discovered by True Snow that skiing is not an allowed direct reuse of treated sewage effluent.

zen pathfinder

By CYNDY COLE Sun Staff Reporter

The Hopi Tribe has withdrawn its lawsuit challenging snowmaking with reclaimed wastewater at Arizona Snowbowl.

The suit was filed on grounds that reclaimed wastewater may harm a threatened plant. Unless the tribe files a new lawsuit in federal court – and the Hopi chairman was mum on his plans midday today – this means there are currently no lawsuits challenging development at Snowbowl.

Snowbowl fought the Hopi lawsuit on a couple technicalities, and argued that the tribe could have brought its complaint years ago.

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