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Jul 12
Jul 12

Christmas on the Peaks!

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It's a time for peace and a time for joy!

Spend Christmas on the Peaks!
Dec. 23, 2012 - Jan. 2, 2013


Prayer Circle every morning at 9 AM! - Arizona Snowbowl!

For Arizona Snowbowl, The United States Forest Service, The City of Flagstaff, and Coconino County this has always been about one thing: MONEY.

So let's talk their language. Hit them where it hurts! In the pocketbook. It is estimated that Christmas vacation and Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Weekend bring in as much as half of the annual business at Snowbowl. What if we had the power to take that away from them? And you know we do :P

If you live in the Fort Valley area of Flagstaff you must see by now how little Arizona Snowbowl really cares about the "economic benefits" it brings our fair town. I know some of us had a good deal of trouble even going to work when the snow was good and Snowbowl was busy. The traffic jam was incredible. Stretching more than 15 miles. They took our livelihood away and hope to make that a daily occurrence by having a "predictable" ski season using sewer water to make snow.

But then this jam up gave us an idea! Why don't we have a celebration for all sacred sites and equal rights at the same time? Arizona Snowbowl does not own the mountain, and it is perfectly legal to drive up to the area for any permitted public lands use. This means hiking, camping, praying, skiing, sitting, loving, mushroom hunting, etc. We will have a morning prayer circle and then enjoy the rest of the day on the Mountain or go back to Flagstaff and enjoy all the other reasons we love living here.

Why should we do this?

It is time to stop waiting for a government entity, an environmental group, or any of the people you have come to expect to save the peaks for us. The time has come to show them how much power the people have! And believe me, you are the most powerful people in all of the world! You! yep you! You can do it!

It's time to insist on Equal Rights! If we all plan to converge on Flagstaff with our families for the Christmas Holidays (Snowbowl's busiest time of the year) and fill the hotels before the skiers do, and eat at the restaurants, enjoy a local home brew, and also join a circle on the peaks to give thanks for all that we have, we will show the town how good our money spends and at the same time clog up the Snowbowl road just going up there to pray for morning circle. We have the right to be there.

No laws need to be broken and no violence against man or machine need happen. Our government officials are forgetting what "all power to the people" really means. You cannot wait any longer for someone else to save the peaks for you. It will take of all us together to do this. So what are you waiting for? Put your prayers into action, Christmas on the Peaks!

Please share this far and wide!

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Written by Nuvatuqui Ovi