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Jul 12
Jul 12

Snowbowl, Take a hike!

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One of the saddest things that has happened over the years of this battle for the mountain's spirit is that people who love her don't go to her anymore. The ski area and their urge to poop on the mountain and all it's life forms (us too!) has left a bad taste in people's mouth (pun intended). But we must at least reclaim the reason we all are fighting so hard to stop this ski area.

This may be the last time we get a chance to enjoy a sewer water free experience on the mountain, so come up and bear witness to the Forest Service's lunacy and also enjoy one of the most spectacular views in all the Southwest.

Bear Witness Walk
DAILY - Self-Guided, from Snowbowl parking lot (rain or shine - map)
Park in the Snowbowl lot and hike the short distance to the current destruction being done to the mountain (map), and as well as take a moment to pay respects to the mountain in your own way! And please be aware, this is only a short hike but please practice Leave no Trace principles. (Saturday, it will be from 11-2 with a prayer circle and talk session).

Please have a look at the map and get a few friends together and come bear witness. It is close to the lot and very empowering. Please be aware you are on top of a mountain and those who are not used to the elevation should be ready to feel giddy for a bit. Also this hike has some steep inclines, so you should be able to hike 1/2 mile up a hill.

PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT THE MAP AND READ ALL SELF-GUIDED INSTRUCTIONS. And all the map notes. It is extremely important information and will also give you a good idea if you are up to the hike. There are reports of harassment and citations from the United Snakes Forest Service.

Written by Nuvatuqui Ovi