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Aug 31
Aug 31

State of Arizona Actions

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A close look at Arizona regulations regarding direct reuse of reclaimed water will show a very interesting story. While a designated direct reuse of reclaimed water is listed for "snowmaking," nowhere in the rulebook is skiing or sledding mentioned. However there are general regulations put in place on all wastewater direct reuse. If you imagine skiing and sledding and then read these rules, it is very obvious how badly the City of Flagstaff is violating its permit as a vendor of reclaimed water.


Please read this article and it's supporting documentation and then consider taking the action below. There is a legal complaint process that you can submit your evidence to and the state is legally obliged to have a look at it. Enough complaints will force ADEQ to action.


Contact Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and express concern that there was no meaningful public process when the agency approved wastewater for snowmaking. Also current law does not allow for immersion into wastewater, and only states snowmaking is legal. Skiing and sledding are never mentioned. File a complaint and demand ADEQ do their job and enforce the law on the City of Flagstaff for vending reclaimed water for an illegal reuse! Protect the Peaks, Protect McMillan Mesa - No Poison Snow!


Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
1110 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
(800) 234-5677 - Toll Free

Northern Regional Office
1801 West Route 66, Suite 117
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
(877) 602-3675 - Toll Free



Written by Nuvatuqui Ovi