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Aug 31
Aug 31

Outreach Materials

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 On December 24, 2012 AZ Snowbowl made snow for the very first time and it came out a bright yellow. We were able to capture high-resolution images, you are welcome to download and use them as you see fit. [Zip file of all images | Facebook Album]

We were also able to capture video and post it to youTube: http://youtu.be/KgSJAZFbfDQ



Download a recent call to action with high resolution photos of the before and after of the destruction, with photo credits, sample resolutions, and the Memorandum of agreement. All photos are high quality and printable. Use as needed, with credit. To view it quickly, please click on the on-screen link.

call-to-action-on screen version
call-to-action.pdf (printable - 239mb)



This booklet below is a zip file of 15 "before" pictures in 2005, printable jpg. The image below is a key to determine where the pictures were taken and is included in the download. [peaks-before.zip]




These are pictures taken last year (Summer, 2012) of the Humphrey's pod as it was being created. A link to download high resolution versions is directly below each image. Right click the images and click "save as..." to save wed-based versions of these images.



Written by zen pathfinder