Intuitive Perception – Develop It

If you are working on developing your perceptiveness, you might notice you are able to understand people and circumstances on a deeper level sometimes better than others. Your keen perceptiveness allows you to discern people’s intentions and desires. Because you are absorbing information on many levels while you are in this learning process, your experience of the world may be heightened. You will notice life is more interesting when experienced in a multi-sensory way.

Be prepared to discover information about yourself and the people in your life that you may not have tuned into before. Trust the insights that come to you. You may not be able to ‘prove’ your perceptions now, however, note what you perceived and wait for the confirmation to surface.

Perceptiveness allows you to see beyond the surface of your life. When you speak, you convey more than just your words or actions. On an unconscious level you are revealing your motivations, feelings, desires, fears, guilt, shame, humiliation, anger or sadness. It is all there for you to tap into if you are willing to tune into what is beneath the surface. If you tap into it you can better communicate with others by taking the time to pay attention.

Paying attention to yours or other’s intentions and feelings allows you to live a more fulfilling life. When you are tuned into what you truly desire and need-and are not guided by yours or other’s actions and words-you can create a life of substance based on who you truly are. Experiencing people and life with all your senses, your life will take on a richer, more satisfying dimension.