How Good Are You at Taking Care of Yourself?

In our rush to meet the daily obligations of work, family, and social life, we tend to overlook our own needs. As a result, we feel exhausted to the point of emptiness. What’s missing is a relationship with ourselves. We need time to get know ourselves, time to nurture our spirits, and time to create.

Wondering if you are doing a decent job of taking care of yourself – or how your self caring could be improved? Review the following questions, and reflect on your answers. Chances are you are struggling in at least a few of the realms where self-care is most important: a satisfying diet, physical activity, solitude, and reflection.

Joyful Eating

How often do you cook creative or enjoyable meals for yourself?

Do you eat fruits and vegetables everyday – not because you have to, but because you feel more alive when you choose foods that provide energy and life?

Do you eat regular, healthy meals – or do you skip meals and reach for junk food?

Do you enjoy the physical sensations involved in peaceful eating?

Do you eat some meals in the company of friends and family?

How often do you use food, caffeine, sugar, or alcohol to make yourself feel better?

When you are thirsty, do you get something to drink immediately, or do you ignore your need, take care of something else first, or delay?

Do you clear your plate of situations that drain your energy?

Joyful Body

Do you engage in fun or enjoyable physical activity most days of the week?

When was the last time you had a massage or a long bath?

Are you in touch with your boundaries and your bottom line?

Do you express your desires, concerns, and limits to all people in your life, most of the time?

If you are tired, do you rest or do you keep pushing?

Do you get too much sleep because you want to escape life, or you just don’t have enough energy?

Do you enjoy your own company?

How often do you laugh everyday?

Joyful Spirit

Do you have a nurturing morning routine that helps you align with the goals and activities that are most important to you?

Do you let your family members know exactly what you need from them?

Are you satisfied with your work choices?

Can you be counted on to keep your word – to others and to yourself?

Do you allow yourself to go outdoors for at least an hour every day?

Do you spend time listening to your emotions and expressing them in a self-supportive way (good cry, communication, feeling your fear or joy, journal writing)?

Do you have a hobby that rejuvenates you? If so, do you spend time with your hobby?

Do you celebrate your efforts and successes on a daily basis?

Do you talk to yourself in a supportive, uplifting manner?

How often do you take time to reflect and feel at peace?

Even though you are an adult now, you still need care and nurturing. Only now, it’s your responsibility to see that your needs get met. No one else can do it for you. As you take specific steps to make self-care a priority, you’ll not only feel better you will also have more energy, creativity, and vitality to share with life!