The Low Down On Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is very important to any individual; people with imbalanced mental capacity have quite a number of problems in their lives, this is such as depression and the like. People experiencing depression will tend to avoid exercising, smoke a lot, may eat less and in severe cases might decide to commit suicide. Mental wellness should be promoted to provide a sense of well- being. Mental wellness is influenced by:

Biological factors

This will include things like family history that is what is in ones genes, changes in an individual’s nervous system, medications one is using will also determine the state of mind and any illnesses one may be suffering from will affect their sense of mind.

Social environment.

If an individual undergoes a traumatic event it may affect how they think, losses one is going through e.g. business or even issues like death may affect how one reasons and may cause stress which if neglected will make an individual fall into depression. Low economic status also causes stress and may confuse an individual further.


Depression can be severe or mild. In severe situation an individual will experience the whole day for more than two years, the mild ones will last just for a few weeks. They will experience decrease pleasure in performing activities which they may have enjoyed doing previously. They will have severe weight loss and experience insomnia. They will also have agitated or slowed movement, have fatigue and loss of energy. An individual will experience feelings of worthlessness or guilt, they may be unable to make decision or even to concentrate and in severe cases this individuals will decide to commit suicide.

Mental wellness can be promoted through engaging oneself in positive activity like: try and do a lot of physical activity e.g. exercising, eat right include a balanced diet in all your meals, make sure you get adequate sleep regularly, try and reduce stressing yourself, always be optimistic when going through difficult situations and incorporate humor and creativity in your daily life, always have faith that things will get better, get regular medical management and try to live in an emotionally sane environment.

There are various barriers to mental health and they include: this signs may be seen to be normal with age which may not quite be the case, as most people will go through these symptoms while aging but not all this symptoms are normal so detecting this may be very difficult. Illness is also another reason that may worsen this condition as it will be too hard to treat both. Denial and approaching this with attitude will also delay healing and individuals will find themselves slipping into, alcoholism and drugs.

Failure for an individual to go through help for mental wellness can cause them not to have full life satisfaction; they will find it really hard to enjoy time with family and friends. It can also cause medical problems like pain, problems with memory and concentration. This might also affect the community as the costs for taking care of individuals who have failed to seek help will be too high as they will need hospitalization, rehabilitation for a long time and nursing home care which are all quite costly.