The Cost of Ignorance

A state of ignorance is a position of not being in the know of certain issues or subjects. Ignorance is dangerous to the one who peddles and or trades in it. When you carry it around, people can not help but see that you are one such person who lacks knowledge and understanding. When you are ignorant, you will do certain wrong things innocently thinking that you are being productive. The highest commodity being traded between individual is sometimes ignorance. What people fail to see are the opportunities that are lost, potential business that is trashed, potential relationships that are ignored and possible synergies that are thwarted. There is a price that you pay for carrying an ignorant mind. This is a price you pay whether you feel like it or not; whether you know it or not.

The price list for ignorance

– You do things in a longer time than normal – If there is a shorter way to do something, it is better to pursue that route than wallow in the wilderness of ignorance. It is expensive to lose time doing things the longer way. In the same period that you then accomplish a task, potentially you could have completed seven or ten other tasks. Sadly, the ignorant rejoice in the fact that they completed but forget to calculate the amount of time lost groping in the dark. If I told you of a quicker way to make a suit I am certain you would jump for it yet until such a point, it seem alright to take so long to make the same item.

– You do things more expensively when ignorant – Two cities may be 400 miles apart when you consider the shortest route possible. As a traveler or drive you are limited to the routes that have been made know to you. You are in essence affected by the amount of exposure. You may know just the route which takes 650 miles. Just as it takes longer it also costs you in terms of actual money lost in additional fuel.

– You present products below standard – Ignorance accepts any standard as normal. Just because you have not had any other exposure to good things will leave you performing below standard and still applaud yourself as a high achiever. When you give people low standard products, you are assured that they will never return for a second purchase. Sooner or later you run out of business and it costs you your source of income.

– You endanger your body – There are some lethal and fatal things that ignorant people do without counting the cost. You find people engaging in illicit behavior such as smoking which damages lungs, unsafe sex outside marriage which exposes people to sexually transmitted infections, wrong foods which kill organs in the body and produce toxins in the blood system and so on. There are some who are caught up in the actions because of addiction while in the know of the cost of such activities while others remain without knowledge or wisdom hence they perish. Ignorance of your health can cost you your own life.

– You endanger the life of innocent people – If you are not aware of your HIV status, you pose a threat to the person you have sexual contact with. If you do not know the state of your vehicle, you will drive it dangerously increasing the risk of an accident that can kill or maim passengers that you carry.