Recognizing the Little People

Being a custodian is harder work than most people assume. It is a lot harder work than just cleaning up stray papers in the hallway. The man you see walking down the hallway with a microfiber cleansing cloth is one of the most important people in the school. The group of people who refill the paper towel dispenser and automatic soap dispenser aren’t nobodies. If you didn’t have janitors in a school, it couldn’t function. It’s arguable that janitors are more important than principals or teachers alike. No one else is willing to their job, but no one would be okay if their job wasn’t done.

Schools need to be clean. Schools get sanitation scores just like restaurants and if they don’t pass, they can’t have students in their. Imagine how many things in a school can be messy and unsanitary. There are locker rooms, wrestling mats, cafeterias, bathrooms and classrooms. Imagine how dirty locker rooms can get. You have showers and lockers that teenager leave things in. Wrestling rooms get extremely dirty as well. The staff infection MRSA spread in schools and wrestling mats were the biggest threat. If a custodian doesn’t keep all these things in order, something could missed and harm a student.

There are a lot of jobs like this where people completely take the people who do them for granted. The jobs of invisible people are some of the most important. So many of us go about our day and don’t realize how many of the things we expect to be done or ready are that way due to someone else. When you go into the office and fill up that coffee cup, do we think of who had it washed and ready for us? When we walk to our cubicle across the floor that was littered with post-it notes yesterday, it is rare that we notice that someone took the time to clean it up. It is as if we just assume some robot does these things, or as the sun set these things just reset.

Ignoring these small underdogs isn’t ethical. The people who work these jobs often work extremely odd and long hours. Being a maid or custodian often is extremely grueling work and doesn’t bring in a lot of cash. Working these kinds of jobs and not being recognized is hard for the people who work them as well. It is hard for a person to expend so much energy and get so little in return. Working these jobs can make people feel inconsequential and bad about themselves.

Next time you’re walking down the hallway at school or work, take a second and think about the person who made it the way it was. Remember that it doesn’t just magically stay orderly. Someone puts a lot of work into keeping our schools, offices, and homes clean and in working condition. Custodians and maids are some of the most important people in any business or establishment. If they weren’t around to do their job, there couldn’t be any business.