I Had a Moving Experience – Yes Really I Moved

One might think that moving inside the same building into the same size condo should be relatively simple right? You use the condo association shopping cart and move little trips at a time. In fact you can even reuse the boxes, by unpacking each load as you go. One has ten days to move five flights, how hard can that be; just a little planning and you are good to go! Oh, did I mention that I still needed a mover for the big stuff. Not that much mind you, appliances are all staying and after all it is only three rooms in total (dinning & living room combined). All that has to be moved is one king size bed, (I moved the small dresser myself on the cart so as not to have the movers see my undies) a couch, a couple of club chairs, some display cabinets, TV, dining room table and chairs, oh one more thing, a Murphy bed. You know those wonderful units that look like a piece of furniture attached to the wall and when you pull on the handles down comes this comfy bed for those overnight guests; no big deal. Finding a moving company was another story, who knew everyone in this city moves in the month of June. After numerous phone calls and couple of desperate internet form requests; I found a mover. Now there was a minimum four hour charge but I was desperate, so I sucked it up. Moving day arrived, the guys showed up, for them this was going to be a walk in the park they would be in and out way before time was up and have a few extra bucks in their pockets.

Sure enough one and a half hours later everything was done; except for the Murphy bed. I made them coffee, we had a little chat and then they began to tackle the bed. As it turns out they had no clue what they were doing; another hour and half later they asked if I had a number for the manufacturer as they were in trouble. I did have a number and I called but was doubtful that anyone would answer, given it was the weekend. Lo and behold Mr Murphy himself answered, I explained the situation and handed the phone to my mover guy. Mr Murphy told them to drop tools and not do another thing; he was on his way to save the day! Turns out these beds have the strongest springs in the world, one wrong move and that spring could knock the whole bed frame through to the next room (I doubted that would happen as my condo walls are solid concrete but who wants to take the chance and have someone get hurt). As it turned out the mover guys had taken it all apart (hundreds of screws); all they really needed to do was use a simple tool (attached to mattress frame and all could be unhooked in an instant.) The mover guys had to put back all the screws and Mr Murphy unhooked the frame; now we could all live happily ever after; not exactly. The bed still had to be moved five flights and put back together. At this point the minimum rate is well past and the meter is running again. So they start the ascension up; guess what, this bed weights more than a piano and we all know how much movers love pianos. Another hour and many dollars later; not to mention huffing, puffing, and a few choice swear words the bed, in many pieces was in my new place. Now given the experience of the day we agreed that the move was done and I would schedule a time with Mr Murphy to reassemble my beloved bed. They left somewhat crestfallen and totally exhausted. Moral of the story is “nothing is ever as simple as it seems” and my moving experience really was “moving” in more ways than one.